New surround release: Slim Cessna's Auto Club (DTS DVD)


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Sep 2, 2012
Denver, CO
Hello all, here's the new Slim Cessna's Auto Club release, with an album and instrumental mix in 5.1, along with a reading of the lyrics. DTS and Dolby Digital, 24/48.
Simple, stand-alone package, $10. The way it should be! :banana:
For a taste of the music (Commandments 7 and 4):
We're playing almost 60 shows all over Europe and the eastern US in the next couple of months, chances are we'll be pretty close to you:
When I get home Monday from this short tour, I'll upload a FLAC sample song.
Thanks to Neil Wilkes and Bruce Soord for advice, and to Plan 9 for DD encoding. Also thanks to a handful of QQers for testing!
Feel free to ask any questions.
Ian O
Cool! I just ordered a copy.

Am looking forward to hearing it.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - The Commandments According to SCAC - Expanded Audio DVD
Expanded Audio refers to more tracks and instruments, but also this DVD is roughly 3 minutes longer than the LP/CD/digital release. Because of the LP format, we had to shave a lot of time off in songs. I took it from intros, middle sections, outros, etc and on this DVD release, all of it is intact.
The album features 10 songs - the Commandments According to SCAC, each titled with a number.
Here's a FLAC sample of the opening song, to be downloaded (not played) from dropbox.

Just noticed on their website that Munly of 'Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots' DVD/CD combo also a very good surround mix is involved, so happy to order a copy.

Dont really know how all is interlinked
Hello Fletch - yes there are many connecting links. Munly and Rebecca Vera were part of the Munly release you mention. Munly has been in the Auto Club for seventeen years, Rebecca for four. Bob Ferbrache mixed the harlots DVD, and also Eolian, Uphollow, and Ian Cooke's first two albums with me (Uphollow - jackets for the trip and Cooke - the fall I fell in 5.1). Ferbrache was not involved with the Commandments and is no longer part of the band, but I mention him because he recorded most of the Auto Club albums in the past. The Auto Club history is long and complicated, as many members are also involved in other projects. DBUK, Munly and the Lupercalians, and Slim Cessna's Auto Club are currently the active bands. Slim's musical history goes way back to the late 80s, and the Auto Club started in 1992. The wiki page is mostly correct and has a lot more info than I can type from a van in Berlin! Thanks for your interest Fletch! On a personal note, I think that the Lee Lewis Harlots album is incredible.
DVDs are now available in Europe via Glitterhouse.
Also, there's only two copies left in the US currently via our website, and we won't be able to get them back in stock until we return from Europe just before Halloween.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but also thanks for the sales. The album and DVD have been selling much better than anticipated. :banana:
Hello from Slovenia! Agreed it's not the best way to store a disc, but I avoid using oil whenever possible. I personally wanted to go with the cardboard wallet type thing Tom Petty has been using on his releases, but I was outvoted for a more handmade-merch limited item thing, thus the signatures (which were done prior to the discs being inserted). Munly has a long history of unique handmade items so it follows in that realm. Hope you enjoy the music and mix!
Finally had a chance to catch up and listen not sure why I put this so low down my catch up pile.

Nice album, those who like 16 Horsepower, or the Munly and the Lee Lewis harlots album will like this.

Great surround mix as well
The surround DVD is only $8 from now until Sunday by using the code SCAC16 in our webstore. Available here.
(Everything is 20% for a Cyber Monday Sale)

Thanks for the positive review Fletch!
I've been QQ'd again! Thanks for the orders - but because of them we're currently backordered until I get home in a week to send more copies out. Thanks and apologies!
Ian :yikes
DVDs are back in stock. Sorry for the inconvenience! We sold everything we had on both the European and US/Canada tours, and now just have a pile left.
DVDs are back in stock. Sorry for the inconvenience! We sold everything we had on both the European and US/Canada tours, and now just have a pile left.

Mine is scheduled for delivery by local post office tomorrow! Christmas Eve! That will be nice if it in fact shows up...currently dispatched from Indianapolis, so not very far...2 hours max. :)