Pineapple Thief summer 2018 release Dissolution


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Mar 14, 2009
According to the KScope website, the new Pineapple Thief title, Dissolution, is to be released "later this summer". Tickets already on sale for a fall tour.

No information on the website at this point regarding formats. Surround? Hi-resolution format? Hope so!

Posting this thread hoping folks will add information. I was going to simply title it Pineapple Thief Dissolution but that title would imply something totally different!
Yeah, I posted about that in the "looking forward to" thread a week or so ago as the details are pretty vague....I assume 5.1 in some format....hopefully Bruce finds time to chime in here again some time and give an update.

I too wondered about the solo album vs TPT album - is he planning both? I'd be down for that but will be happy with either.
Thanks Dr. I thought Bruce was working on a solo album. Maybe it morphed into a TPT album. Nonetheless, exciting news. A 5.1 is almost a given now with Bruce his love for 5.1.

I recall reading that he was working on both the second solo and the next TPT album, but I cannot find the source.

I guess 5.1 is hopeful since it is new material; the TPT remixes (most recently the first album) have not been getting the surround treatment.
April Prog mag offered a few more tidbits, with four working song titles, and the promise of an 11 minute song. The mag also reports that the album title, Dissolution, is referring to the theme of "breakdown of the social fabric".

(Oh no, that echoes how To the Bone was described...)
this just in... rejoice, fussy bunch!