Pink Floyd - "Animals" 5.1 Surround Sound Mix (Blu-Ray & SACD editions out in September 2022!)


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Oct 8, 2013
Madrid, Spain
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Guys and gals, time to let your jaws drop. Roger has said in an interview that Animals in 5.1 is coming, with reworked artwork (new pictures by Po, I'm still wondering what is wrong with the classic cover we all love). No dates though, listen here from 14:30 minutes mark on:
(news first spotted at forum)
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Cool, news, for a cool album requiring additionally cool surround mix .

Hey...thanks Roger (and all involved) . This Pink Floyd fan of many decades loves this offering.

Please keep 'em coming. I for one would love a COMPLETE SURROUND TREATMENT for all Floyd albums...but I'll take what I can get.
I just knew Roger was a surround maven and of course a quad maven, a good man to have around, me thinks.
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Great news! I figured the conflict over the Early Years box put the kibosh on any future Floyd surround mixes, so it's good to hear that's not the case.

Roger's involvement probably means it will probably be a Guthrie mix though- can't say I'm thrilled with his track record, but maybe he's getting more adventurous.

The real coup would be if they dig up the unreleased Animals quad mix (I would assume done by Brian Humphries for Columbia SQ LP/Q8 Tape release, if it does in fact exist) and throw it in...
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My craziest dreams boxset for Animals would include:
- 5.1 mix and quad mix (if it ever was made)
- 77 tour soundboard/s
- Any footage that exists (there seems to be very few indeed)
- Cleaned up extraction tapes
- POTW with Snowy White's solo
All packaged in a couple of Blu-rays inside a box similar to the last couple of David's releases.

Or... the lunatics augmented edition, with The Wall, Animals and The Final Cut in 5.1. I don't think I need any other extras :)