Pink Floyd DSOTM - Sony Japan 7-inch 5.1 SACD coming 4/19!


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Like so many other Japanese releases, this will be a beautiful set.


Japanese original mini LP reissue of "The Dark Side of the Moon" from Pink Floyd. Uses the Hybrid Multichannel SACD masters released by Analogue Productions in 2021. Features 7-inch cardboard sleeve packaging, faithfully replicating its UK original LP design. Comes with an obi featuring the "golden obi" used for its 4ch Quadraphonic edition released in 1970's in Japan. Rare items related to their second Japan tour in 1972 are faithfully replicated as follows

[1972 Japan tour related reissue]

1972 Pink Floyd In Japan Photo Book (48pages, Airport, Live, and Japan stay in 1972)
1972 Pink Floyd In Japan Tour Pamphlet (16 pages)
Ticket for 1972 tour in Japan (Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, March 6, 1972 )
Ticket for 1972 Tour in Japan (Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, March 7, 1972 )
1972 Tour in Japan Tour Poster (Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium)
The leaflet of the lyrics "The other side of the moon - works for all kinds of madmen -" distributed at the venue of 1972 tour in Japan
Flyer announcing the 1972 tour in Japan (Osaka: Festival Hall)
Promotional leaflet (handwritten by record company to promote "The other side of the moon")
Commemorative sticker (round sticker for the campaign to promote the band's visit to Japan at that time)
Commemorative single jacket ("Pink Floyd/Big 4")
Commemorative single jacket ("Point Me at the Sky")

Dark Side Japan SACD 01.JPG

Dark Side Japan SACD 02.JPG
Would have been interesting if they created 2 versions, a quad mix disc and a 5.1 mix disc, then monitored how many of each sold. It's probably a pipe dream. It's just like most restaurants don't offer both Coke and Pepsi.

Probably only wacko's like us know the difference anyway
Years ago, I heard the original quad mix of DSOTM Alan Parsons did on a DTS test disc. It was musical, emotional, and when you closed your eyes, there were amazing moments of space, and timing of effects that were completely lost on the later 5.1 There were some arguments Alan didn’t mix the original stereo, and he only recorded it. However, when you’re a part of the creation, and you’re as good as Alan is, and you hear his original quad mix, it’s stunning.

James Guthrie is a great engineer as well, and my opinion isn’t about who’s better, but I just feel Alan captured the spirit of this album with his quad mix.