Poll: What's your current Atmos speaker layout?


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What's your current Atmos speaker layout?

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Well kick my butt and call me Charlie.
I just realized, in moving all my speakers around I ended up with the Surround Back speakers off to my sides, and the SL/SR behind me.
C.R.S. is what I blame it on, and I'm sticking to my story.
Well plenty of time to swap things around before my replacement AVR gets here I guess.

Adding to my confusion/memory jag maybe is that on my AVR I have to pre out the Surround Back speakers to a separate amp. Too many snakes (cables) in the pile? IDK. lol.
I now have a 5.0.4 system, so no LFE. The room just isn't big enough to go to 7.0.4.

I listened to Fish's 13th Star in stereo, in 5.1, and Atmos (I do like the album!). Going from 5.1 to Atmos was like going from Mono to Stereo, or Stereo to 5.1. Atmos certainly envelops you in the music.
So according to the poll, currently nobody on the forum has a 5.x.6 or 7.x.6 Atmos set-up.
And no one has a 7.1.4 with front wides.

And the poll doesn't even give us a vote if we have this set up:

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 10.10.50 AM.png

I guess "other" would qualify. LOL Really, this Atmos thing can get quite insane.
I'm interested purely in reproducing a mix 1:1. Since most of the mix engineers landed on a 7.1.4 system to mix on, that's what I set up for to listen and mix on as well.

Even in cases where I might form an opinion on some mix I hear and decide I'd do something differently, I always want to hear the original as the mixer heard it for reference. I feel like any mix someone makes deserves that kind of respect.

So... Anyone heard of any 9.1.6 or above music mixes out there yet?
Providence on mix format (eg 7.1.4) is more than often lacking on the album covers at present (aka "digital booklet"). I wonder if this is to push the Atmos=magic narrative and not want to write something that lets a consumer with less speakers or a soundbar realize they are compromising something? Or just lazy or oversight? This should be demanded and bitched about when missing!
I was thinking of going 7.2.4 or 7.4.4 if I scare up another 1 or 3 channels of amps though. I do have 4 separate subs with the AR9s.
Gods! Couldn't cough up the $20k for 12 Genelecs! Impressive! Pretty happy with my AR9 based system though. I do have a pair of 1032a though.
These are (now older) Analog 8020 with 7050B subs. I started with a 5.1 set, then started collecting used matching ones until I reached 7.2.4.

Oh I forgot to mention, I also have a Genelec 8010 directly overhead, for Auro 3D / "Voice Of God". So 7.2.5 ;0)


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