Porcupine Tree - Closure / Continuation (5.1/Dolby Atmos) 24-Jun-2022


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My copy did indeed arrive this morning and I've played it through once (well until the power cut) and I'm on my 2nd run through now, as @beerking says it's exactly what you'd expect from Steven Wilson, I have only played the Atmos so far and it's immaculate!

I just received an email from the PT store with this message:

Due to stock delivery delays resulting from supply issues, your order has not yet been dispatched. We anticipate that the stock will arrive at our facility early w/c June 27th, and orders will be processed as quickly as possible.

That must be why bullmoose has not got there stock yet and it is on rare will get it to you..
Likewise ImportCDs

Let's see, this was announced back in November. The album was pretty much complete.
How can they not have this ready with 7 months of preparation time?
Importcds now lists it on Back Order with no expected availability date. Another indication (among many) that we are living in f'd up times.:(
ImportCD is known for that.
Same thing with DeepDiscount? I’ve gotten no shipping notification and looking on the website it’s now listed as backordered. Nice.

Curiously Amazon.ca has the release date set for July 15 so I can’t even order it with Prime :(. Thankfully I’ll have the Apple Music version at least.
I pre ordered this back in November. Have received zero correspondence about any shipment.
Amazon doesn't even have the single CD in stock today. What the hell ?
Thank you for contacting ImportCDs!


We're sorry to inform you that the item is temporarily out of stock and unavailable to ship. Back-order items are typically filled within 45 days. The items will ship as soon as they become available. If by any chance we are unable to fulfill the items requested, the items will be canceled and you will be notified via email. If canceled, and paid with PayPal, you will be issued a refund. Remember that credit card orders are not charged until shipped. We apologize for the inconvenience and delay this may have caused.

Again, thank you for writing ImportCDs. We appreciate your business.
Thanks for the info about ImportCDs (I ordered from there). Amazon.ca says it will be in stock on July 15th. I'll have to check with my local record store (they usually have those releases).
Well, we've been waiting since November, what's another month or so.
I no longer have the need to be the first one on my block to have it so, I can wait.
I ordered 3 copies on the first day of availability from Townsend, Burning Shed and Amazon Germany, I cancelled all three when it became available at Amazon in the US.

Amazon will let me know when the have an estimated date of arrival to me. Not likening that, I ordered a copy from the Shed this morning, It's already on it's way to me. Ridiculous shipping cost from the UK and all.

I'll keep the Amazon order open until it arrives. Worse case, I have to return to to Amazon.

I gave it two listens this morning on Apple Music. I have to say it exceeded my expectations. The songs work really well together and the mix is great. I just wish Mr. Wilson would be as generous mixing his own extras into surround as he is with the groups he remixes.
I just wish Mr. Wilson would be as generous mixing his own extras into surround as he is with the groups he remixes.
I know this isn't true in Mr. Wilson's case, but sometimes the extra bonus songs are recorded in a way which makes it hard to mix in surround, usually because it's been recorded as a demo or an idea, or wasn't intended to be in the final product.
I just wish Mr. Wilson would be as generous mixing his own extras into surround as he is with the groups he remixes.
I thought he was pretty good about including the bonus surround mixes? Don’t all of the other Porcupine Tree surround releases include the relevant outtake songs mixed in 5.1? I’m truly baffled they aren’t even on the Blu-ray in hi-res stereo at least.