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I have an old Pioneer QX 9900 receiver and it probably isn't the best quad synthesizing unit around.

I have a muliti channel Pioneer Elite VSX 36TX receiver that has inputs for multi channel input for i.e. front, back, mid way surround and back suround. I feel I should get a quality quadraphonic pre amp or decoder to really synthesize quad music. Am I correct on this? f so, could you recommend what I need, ( decoder or pre amp ) and recommend good quality units that would give quality quad synthesizing and fidelity.

Any other help would be appreciated. I prefer recording off of direct air FM broadcasts via antenna onto a Pioneer Elite PDR - W37 CD recoder. The tuner I use is an old analog Pioneer TX 9800 direct to the recorder. I would then send to the quad pre amp/decoder.




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Mar 2, 2002
I have my Tate connected to the 6 Ch in on my Denon AVR-5800 and it works well for playing SQ LPs. Any decent outboard decoder should work with your Pioneer. I am not sure about a CD-4 demodulator though, although I don't see why it would not.
Anybody else?



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Will repost this here as I too don't want anything to do with the old Yahoo club anymore. Checking the archives of a Yahoo group made me sick of the ads. I must have seen the same ads about 500 times!

Hello Dennis.

Your receiver is likely to have just one set of 5.1 inputs.

The best CD-4 demod is reportedly the JVC. It doesn't have Quad aux inputs.

The best SQ decoder, the Tate II, doesn't have quad aux inputs nor tape outputs. You can use the main outputs as signal-level outputs, if you don't mind.

There are several good demodulators with quad aux inputs. Marantz and Tehchnics come to mind.

So you can use your single set of receiver inputs with a Marantz demodulator and the Tate II feeding the quad aux inputs.

If you go for second-best SQ decoding and are able to find one, the Lafayette SQ-W has Quad inputs and also quad tape outputs so you can use a JVC demod going into the Lafayette and then into the receivers inputs. This is an elegant and inexpensive solution (if you can get a Lafayette).

Now, if you don't have that many Quad albums, get DTS CDs and a Sony DVP-NS500V player with built-in DTS decoding.

Good luck and welcome.