R.E.M.: Automatic for the People (ATMOS | 25th Anniversary)


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I suspect Accelerate (my preferred) probably wouldn't get much from 5.1 but it REALLY needs a stereo remaster that at least tears down the brickwall.

The vinyl was mastered by Stan Ricker and while still heavily compressed is a far superior listen than the CD.
Anyone get this release yet?
amazon.com still has not shipped my copy yet

Mine shipped on the 10th, and the last tracking had it in Louisville, and due to arrive Wednesday. Given the long weekend, and that I sometimes receive items from Amazon a day ahead, it's possible I'll have it Tuesday :D If I had Prime I would have it by now (but still not worth the money; I can wait!).

Weird, though -- I received emails about it shipping, and how I saved blah blah from the price, but it is not listed in my orders now!!! Yet I follow the email shipping, and there it is! Not very reassuring, but I'm not too worried. (UPDATE: yes, it was in my orders, just way down the list as I had pre-ordered it ages ago).

BTW: I SAVED 49 CENTS ON THE PRICE!!! :rolleyes: Came to around 76 bucks. . . .
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I just called my local record shop (35 minute drive). They have one copy of the 4 disc deluxe for $88.98 and seven copies of the 2 disc deluxe. They told me they would hold the one copy of the 4 disc deluxe for me but I would have to pick it up within 24 hrs.
From an article in yesterdays copy of the Times in the UK - I hadn't ordered the Box Set as I have the earlier DVD-A, but I might well do after reading the article!

Amazon.com states this will release on November 15th.

That's the day -- next Wednesday -- that mine is supposed to arrive. Probably not a coincidence. They were out of stock the last time that I looked -- seems to be popular!

Hopefully this will mean they continue with the next albums, although, man, I don't know if I want to spend that much money on upgrades from the DVDs. . . .
For the people who ordered this on Amazon.com, did the price change since yesterday’s release date?


Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) [3 CD/Blu-Ray][Deluxe Edition]
Price on order date: $89.98
Price charged at shipping: $76.94
Lowest price before release date: $76.49
Amount to be refunded: $0.45 (+ $0.03 tax)
Quantity: 1
Total Savings: $13.52

While it is currently out of stock, if you pre-order now it is the same price!!! (76.49 (y)).
Appearantly, no longer a rumor.

? There’s a rumor.....rumor has it...there’s a rumor. ?

Name that tune!

More interesting (IMO) as to WHY Sgt. Pepper wasn't released in Atmos if it was mixed in Atmos?

from the article it appears Dolby used it as a marketing device to convince industry execs into adopting atmos technology so why not release it to the public and make even more money??? I guess Sir Paul, et al didn't want the original album "bastardized" that much but that didn't stop them from letting Dolby use it "in house" to the top players in the music world?

Also, is that why there is a "mysterious" six channel (Dolby TrueHD EX 6.1) mix on the release? Was the sixth channel derived from the atmos mix (or is the EX part of the TrueHD like a "virtual" speaker?)