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Harold Budd and his Disciples transcending the Ether where magical music is given to us by the muses....
Black Pumas. Bought the one year deluxe after they won the Grammy. This is seriously excellent stuff.
Donny Hathaway - Live

There is a 180 gram reissue for RSD and I couldn't remember the condition of this album. I had one that was beat then I got this one as an upgrade. But I couldn't remember how much of an upgrade. This has some clicks, but good enough that I think I can save $27 or whatever the new one sells for.
My first copy of Donny Hathaway Live was a 2ch 8 track...
My first copy was an import CD. I sought it out after Tommy Shannon (bassist for SRV and DT, among others) said it was the finest bass playing ever put on tape. It's hard to argue that point.