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Kimono My House

"This town ain't big enough for both of us!"
Warren Zevon - Preludes

I've had a lot of vinyl issues of items from the CD era, but this is the first time I have seen the jewel box booklet exactly reproduced to 12" scale. The only differences is that it is much heavier gloss paper and it is square bound instead of stapled. The powder blue vinyl is beautiful and sounds great. This is an impressive RSD effort. Sometimes these are cynical cash grabs but this was obviously a labor of love.
Carole King - Tapestry

The Classic Records reissue

The Classic Records pressings of this album were cut from the master tapes by Bernie Grundman. All other LP issues (including the CBS 1/2 speed master) were cut from EQ'd production copies. The bass guitar, which originally just blended in with the rest of the music, is now clear and omnipresent in the foreground. You can hear and feel every note as if you're sitting right in front of the amp. It literally jumps out at you.
Side 2 of Anna from Donegal County's Memory of Trees

Side 2 of Tom's Masterpiece with the eternal soaring harmonies of Brad Delp...a promo pressing so dual Wally..quite minty ...this is the one that came with the HUGE poster...

Took a left turn to Bruckner's Third Symphony (BOTH SIDES) , a MINTY LP from back in 1966...they say this is one of the best recordings from that time...IT IS!!!

and ANOTHER left turn....EW&F Spirit... I know , I have DV's awesome twofer BUT I am sorry, I need that extra EQ- found in a minty LP from the era.... distortion not much cause I have a heavenly Linear tracking TT with a perfectly working tracking arm and a fine line Ortofon stylus which picks up more than your usual bear...

And back to "da classics!"
Joni Mitchell Blue Warners pressing looks original LWS written in run off side 1 on side 2 RE2 and LW with 2 crossed out and 3 after plus the usual matrix numbers. For those who know what it means.
But the record sounds fabulous and Joni's voice sounds lifelike floating in the air.

Followed by Joan Armatrading self titled. Original SEALED DBX encoded record. Opened and played for the first time tonight.
Completely silent background strong bass. But listening to this after Blue the vocals sound slightly muffled.
Really the voices of Jon and Joan are qualitatively different....
One day I'll get the new SACD to compare