Steve Hackett back catalog in surround


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Aug 1, 2007
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Apparently Steve Hackett is considering releasing some of his back catalog in 5.1.
However they've hit a snag with two of the albums due to missing masters.

Here's an exerpt:
"Well there is a move afoot to do Please Don’t Touch and Spectral Mornings, the albums either side of that Voyage of the Acolyte and Defector, in 5.1. So far no one has found the multi tracks for Voyage or Defector. I have to say in my defence that at the time when I was working with Charisma (Records) they insisted on having the masters themselves and now things have got lost. so far they haven’t appeared but I still hope that these things will get discovered"

The info is from a recent interview with him about his new album Beyond The Shrouded Horizon. The full interview can be read here.

I reckon if you had input about the 5.1 release, you could contact his management team here. Me, I'd be pleased if he followed the King Crimson route...
that's nice. he's great guitarist and Genesis have lost very much after his departure.
sadly there are not rock solid answer from him in regard of re-mixing back catalog into 5.1 surround.
anyway good to know that at least he recognises surround and expressed willingness to go this route.
I'm hoping that a show of interest and support for the project from fans will motivate his management to go ahead with the project.
If you'd like to hear his stuff in surround, drop them a line :)
In the most recent issue of iO Pages, there is an interview with Steven Wilson. One of the thinks mentioned is that Steve and Steven talked about mixing the Hackett catalogue into 5.1. but apparently did not find the time yet. Also they went to see The Wall live together :)

Agree with Konoyaro, send a message to SH management to show support for the project.
Steve Hackett Re-Revisits Genesis and Looks Forward to Being “Ambushed” by Music in All Channels

Apologies if this SoundBard interview was posted elsewhere. As you may know he's a big fan of surround sound and will be releasing his new album in 5.1. Unfortunately no mention of the back catalogue in surround. On the surround format:

Yeah, I absolutely love the format. It’s a wonderful thing, and it’s the fight-back of audio. What is it that makes audio important to people? What is it that relegated it to the state where it’s less important than a DVD or a game show? As the format becomes ever more popular, even though it’s had a rocky start, luckily, people in the progressive area realize that you’re talking about the real audiophiles who want to hear stuff at the highest quality, and mixed in the most imaginative way for the listener.

Full interview:
Its interesting to note in the article that the 1984 album "Till We Have Faces" was mixed with the BBC (from the mathematician Mike Curzon if I remember correctly) developed Matrix HJ Ambiosonics system.
And as a huge Steve Hackett fan the playback was not that great. Granted I don't have the ideal playback system that was intended but I have to wonder how good that ever was. Not really a surround experience.

From QQ HQ
Steven Wilson has just confirmed that 2 of Steve Hackett's early Charisma albums are expected to be released this year but have not yet been scheduled, but looking at the cover photo from his new 'Steven Wilson Remixes' Facebook page, looks like "Spectral Mornings" is a go! :)
If "Voyage" multis are lost, that is indeed a shame as I've really wanted "Shadow of the Hierophant" in surround... :(

However, if the releases are "Please Don't Touch" and "Spectral Mornings" I'll be pleased.

Now the next question I have is, what record label will these be released on? I highly doubt this will be a UMe release (who own these recordings via Virgin/Charisma) as I think these albums are small potatoes for them compared to others (Tears for Fears, Roxy Music, etc)
I'm betting these will be Panegyric or Esoteric releases. Hoping for DVD-A and Blu-Ray options, but obviously at least one of those will be satisfactory. :)
Let me just say that I recently took another listen to "Please Don't Touch" (the album), and I had completely forgotten about the contributions from Kansas members Phil Ehart and Steve Walsh on this album. Since I now have a renewed interest in Kansas since watching their new documentary "Miracles out of Nowhere", the tracks that Steve sings on combined with the epic title track will make this album a surefire winner in surround! :)

(The Richie Havens sung tracks are also really nice)
Following that, I just took my first full listen to "Spectral Mornings", and while it's not quite as good as "Please Don't Touch" IMO, it's still very worthy of a surround mix and release, so I'm super glad that this one seems to be happening for sure! :)
I wish Wolflight was mixed in surround. It is a really good album.