Surround music is quickly becoming my addiction


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Reading the posts about wives surround thoughts reminds me of mine. My wife always rolled her eyes when I would try to talk about how good music sounds on my surround setup like there is no difference between it and any other stereo. But she always loved how the Roy Orbison Black and White Night disc sounded on it and suggested getting it for her brother on his birthday one year. Of course, he didn't have a surround setup so we just got him a cd and when he put it on she immediately looked at me and asked why it didn't sound right.
But, welcome to the OP and hope you enjoy your new hobby.

Yes and Pink surround just tickles my brain in the absolute best ways and I adore it.
I came to this Forum section to introduce myself, but after reading your post, and given the 2 bands you listed here, you MUST buy or aquire "House of Yes" Yes at the House Of Blues and "David Gilmore Live in Pompeii"
Yes @ HOB is in DTS 5.1 and the mix is fantastic. DON'T MISS the separate animated cut (acess in the menu) of "Homeworld". I was in the Audio/Video Home Theater business for 20 years, and I used to use that cut "Homeworld" to sell or up-sell subwoofers. It has a very deep bass (keyboard) note around the 4:30 mark, and then it drops even deeper.
I named that track "The Sub F<k&r" because unless the sub will play in the teens to low 20s Hz frequency, the driver is going to be pumping away, the amp will be thinking WTF!? but you won't really hear or feel anything.
With a couple of subs I have/had, the circa 2002 Klipsch RSW-15 or the Gift from God the Definitive Technology Trinity SuperCube (amazing true subsonic performance down to TWELVE Hz) it's something to experience! Add in tactile transducers (butt kickers) and the mind perceives that as "hearing" deep bass, and of course it's felt.
Gilmore in Pompeii is both an Audio and Video feast!
Thanks for all the "likes". There are other concerts that are well worth a "session" vs a "listen", and by that I mean a clear your schedule for 1Ā½-2 hours an immerse yourself, like being there. "Eagles Hell Freezes Over" in DTS surround is another audio and visual treat, and in my opinion, one of the BEST combinations of band members making up that group. While I'm on that, does anyone else feel like the Eagles without Glen Frey just isn't "The Eagles"?
James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theater, there's many others.
On a completely different topic, and what one aspect of led me to this forum, the last week or two when I'm not working I've been exploring a number of music streaming services, now that I've achieved my MAIN GOAL: For OVER a year I've done a web search here, made a phone call there, but never really dedicated myself to finding out how to get "the music on my Android phone" (it's not really on it, that's where my apps are) IN to my killer sound system(s). In the past, for over 6 years, I subscribed to Spotify premium and plugged my phone in to a stereo audio input via an analog 3.5mm Monster cable, using the phone's D to A chip. Well, my "new and improved" Galaxy S22 Ultra only has USB-C and the little cable that converts USB-C to analog stereo mini-jack and then connects to the same Monster cable just sounds dull and lifeless, and the volume output is way too low. So I started out along the path of trying to get the digital stream from my phone to my equipment. Seemed "logical" kind of like a CD transport, and then having the receiver do the decoding. After what seems like a long time and a cheap "doo-dad" purchase or so, and Bluetooth is ok for my car, but DEFINITELY NOT ok for my home, I gave up that route and discovered "casting". I bought a used Chromecast Audio device for $50 ($15 more than they sold new) and I got it set up. Really impressive and I'm happy I have it, but within less than a week later I saw the WiiM mini pro streamer and got one. It's even better than the Chromecast Audio device, so now that I have that up and running, I have to decide on a streaming service. I get Apple Music as an inseparable part of my Verizon service plan, and they have up to 192/24 material, but as bad luck will have it, the WiiM seems to not be able to stream (Cast) Apple music at any resolution higher than 44/16. I have the output resolution on the WiiM set to 48kHz @ 24 bit depth. 44/16 comes through at 44/16, but I've had a lot of "Ultra HD Amazon music come through at 48/24 and Tidal Master the same, 48/24, which is my self-imposed res limit so I can have 2.1 playback on my Sony receiver. Anything higher than 48kHz blocks activation of ALL "sound field processing" on my Sony including the "A.F.D." configuration (2.1). So 48/24 is my "brass ring" output resolution and I have been working with the various apps and their services to ultimately have just Apple Music as my sole service or have ONE subscription service that can do this for any higher resolution.
So I started out along the path of trying to get the digital stream from my phone to my equipment.
I had a similar journey, and before I finally got an Apple TV, I used a USB-C to HDMI from my Android...letting my pre/pro to do the DAC. It worked well. I was never able to get the discrete out of Apple Music on the Android for unknown reasons. But when I used an iPhone, discrete it was. Been really enjoying Apple Music on the Apple TV.

Enjoy the journey.