The Knife ‎– Silent Shout - An Audio Visual Experience (DTS DVD-V)

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Dec 23, 2010
I picked this up after it was mentioned by member RelentlesSausage Music DVD Poll - Nirvana - Unplugged in New York

This is fairly minimalistic electronica, with quite a lot of variety. The vocals are an acquired taste, but there's not too much.

Though this is live, the mix is definitely better than a normal live mix. There are supporting sounds coming from the rears - sometimes nothing, sometimes continuous drones/ riffs. Not everso discrete - there's a lot of the front in the rears and vice versa, but overall I would describe this as a 'proper' surround mix rather than an ambient one.

This can be picked up cheaply (the postage will probably cost more). There are two versions. A deluxe edition of the studio album e.g. The Knife - Silent Shout or the live DVD as a standalone e.g. The Knife - Silent Shout - An Audio Visual Experience I got the standalone because I found a really cheap copy on ebay but looking at Discogs the surround content appears to be the same on both versions.

Thanks again to RelentlesSausage for making me aware of this disc.