The Official QQ NFL Tailgate Thread


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I heard cats are too..... Now where did I hear that???
love them cats
So the Sabres announced Lindy Ruff as the new head coach. Ruff had a career playing for the Sabres. A Captain. He then coached them. One season to the Stanley cup finals against Carolina. The infamous No Goal game. Watch the whole video for the full effect, or skip to 5:30 for just the meat.

But my favorite Lindy Ruff moment was the argument with Senators coach. A high point in the mans career.

I love the yelling and screaming episode between the two coaches because of the media guys in between them acting nonchalant.
If true, I guess you can't blame them if it's for the $25 million as stated. Way too much money for any back up QB.
I liked Fields at the Bears but not $25M worth!

There is only one way they pick up that option, if he beats out Russell Wilson in training camp and starts this year, then puts up big numbers and leads the Steelers to prosperity.


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