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Thanks Vegas for the info. I see the bonus cd you are referring to..
Do you happen to know if that is the 5.1 surround? It says the DVD is 5.1 of the Ringmaster 2.
But I can't tell from looking at the bonus disc itself.
Some of it isn't in English so I'm lost there 🥴
The Bonus CD is just that, so just stereo (I got mine with the deluxe Ringmaster Part 1), the package you can get it with is Ringmaster Part 2 which is 2xCD + 5.1 DVD of Part 2

This is pretty tempting as The Who Sell Out was one of the first three rock albums I ever pruchesed. The other two being Frank Zappa & Blue Cheer.
Anyway your link takes me the SDE website showing the box set for $59. When I click on Grab a Deal it goes to Amazon & I see it selling for $100. Too much. What am I doing wrong?