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Was able to get in on both sets and pleasantly surprised by WTA it sounds fantastic to these ears.
Bernie Grundman mastered 180g for you vinyl enthusiast, I was familiar with the extraordinary Who set and to have it in the collection at this price 😳 :rocks
Bravo Snood nicely done 👏🏻
One day only, no download just physical media.

Cursus 123 430 (CD/ 5.1DVD) + Symphonic Poem CD
Les Penning 5 CD Bundle
Return to Penrhos (1CD Version)
Belerion (slipcase)
Floral Dance (slipcase)
The Last Bells Of Winter (slipcase)
Pipes Of Penning Video Collection (slipcase)
ChimpAna 2 CD Bundle
Magenta 3 CD Bundle
and it is First Friday so I believe they get more of the money.

Now it is unfortunate that you can't buy them all in one swoop, it is multiple artists, so 2 shipping costs.
10% off all in stock items at Deep Discount. Code = HATTER.

Good through noon CT 3/7/22.
Appreciate the heads up, made the deadline by just minutes. Got the John Williams Berlin Concert Blu-ray w/Atmos, Jakko’s Secrets & Lies 5.1 DVD and a Steve Hillage live concert DVD. Looking forward to receiving these!
With thanks to @Blrac for starting this thread, I've jazzed up the title slightly and moved it to QQ Swap Meet just in the hopes of giving it a little more visibility.

I noticed when cleaning up the forums over the last week or so that over the years there have been dozens (if not hundreds) of posts like "15% off at Deep Discount for the next 3 days!", and I think the intentions of these posts are great, but standalone posts like this have both a limited amount of visibility and also a limited lifespan as a post. So from now on, let's treat this thread as a central hub for any kind of on sale/discount/coupon code, etc. kind of post, and as mods we'll merge any standalone posts into this thread. I think this serves a double purpose of keeping the boards more free of clutter, and also making it easy to find discounts if you're looking for them.