The SDE Surround Sound Series (Updated list of titles with links in post #1)


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Think people might enjoy this mini doc about the new Eno album from Dolby. Since it’s a Dolby made video, obviously it shows Atmos in a good light, but Eno seems energized from his experience from it. Might bode well for future (re)releases.

Kismet! (I posted that video in a different thread at almost exactly the same time.)
I'm pretty sure Paul Sinclair is having a good chuckle reading all these suggestions for upcoming SDE BD~A Atmos releases. So far has anyone guessed correctly ANY of SDE's BD~A Atmos releases????????

IMO, a LOT of truly great suggestions but only Mr Sinclair knows what's in the pipeline based on artist and label approval!

But whatever it is, I'm sure there will be a general consensus that's it's a WISE choice as the Father of SDE KNOWS BEST!
I think David Gilmour’s first album is next. Steven Wilson was tinkering with it on a post I saw recently and he knows Paul Sinclair too. Just a guess.
I doubt it. Given that Gilmour's last solo album (Rattle That Lock) was released in a CD/Blu-ray edition with a 5.1 mix, I would expect a similar package for any future (re-)releases, with a wide release and on Columbia.
Oh hell yes!!! What a great title - glad to see separate 5.1 mix included too.

Man I’d just about crap the bed if Paul were ever able to get Underworld to agree to surround mixes of dubnobasswithmyheadman (an album Steven Wilson enjoys by the way), but in the meantime this is exciting news.
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My little digits couldn't move faster in ordering this one and the slipcase.
LOVE Orbital......instantaneous order ... even before morning java ☕

And this baby is LOADED and includes the instrumental tracks in ATMOS as well as a flat 96/24 stereo transfer!
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Ditto. But maybe his heirs and/or surviving band members could be persuaded otherwise?
Talk Talk albums were released on SACD, but only in stereo. I seem to remember that Steven Wilson offered to remix the albums into surround but was turned down (maybe I dreamed that bit but I think I saw it in an interveiw somewhere). I'm getting the impression that since Mark's sad death his wishes have become cemented rather than loosened - i.e. that those around him feel they should stick to his wishes. There is a B sides collection (Missing Pieces) that sells for a great deal yet it has not been reissued. I hope that I am wrong, for our sake, but of course I respect any decision to do what they think Mark would have wanted.