What's the Latest CD/LP Added to Your Pile #2


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Arrived last Monday via Amazon.
three LPs I got from Discogs hoping that the sellers would be serious regarding the condition...all were "NEAR MINT"

(turned out to be a CRC pressing!, seller did not state it was missing the inner insert)

(a "promo stamp" on the cover but again , no original inner insert either!)

Now I can say have had it in all its forms, was one of the 1st CDs I bought but unfortunately it had a factory blemish...have it in a totally unlistenable Loudness Wars victim CD and also had it in cassette...although NOT on 8 track!)

All of these were definitely a VG+ (the U2 is VG!) so I was very nice and got a partial refund for all of them although I HATE sending those messages and spending extra time...
I had to remind them that DIscogs states that NM is "A nearly perfect record. The record should show no obvious signs of wear." oh well...

The seller were very nice too, thankfully...

So, word of caution: either send the seller a message before buying confirming that it's actually "A nearly perfect record. The record should show no obvious signs of wear." or just play it safe and get VG+ copies (Discogs description is "Will show some signs that it was played and otherwise handled by a previous owner who took good care of it.")
Well it's on order from Amazon but two twofers containing all 4 Raspberries albums
Hope the mastering is OK

There is somewhat of a successor group called Fotomaker with members from the Rascals and Raspberries in similar style. I'm thinking of getting a collection from all 3 of their albums.
I’m still on a Night Ranger high after their concert a little while back. I had a best-of and live disc, but never owned original albums back in the day.

Did the person that posted this ever pick up their live with the Cleveland Youth Orchestra Blu-ray? From what I can glean, there appears to be something rather dodgy going on with this release... It seems the US version only got the compressed Dolby Digital 5.1 version (as broadcast on AXS TV)....whereas Japan (much more sound- attentive overall) got the full DTS Master Audio instead. There's a huge difference there!

Huge fan of that setup dating back to when Styx did it something like a decade ago, Even though I still think they're a bunch of jerks by what they did too Dennis, but that's beside point ..that disc was fabulous.

Does anyone have any details on this Night Ranger release by any chance?