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WTB : Akai test Q8 eight track test tape or Quad CD-4 LP Akai test record


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May 23, 2017
Rochester, NY
Hi Guys Mickey here over in Rochester NY. New quad member I've been doing some reading and posting. Love the quad talk. Just getting into Quad so I've bought some equipment and I'm trying to set up my speakers and zero in my Quad Receiver. So here is my set up. I have a 1973 AKAI AS-980 – Quadraphonic Receiver info link on the specs of my receiver


and I also have a Akai CR-80D-SS Quad 8 Track Player along with a Pioneer PL-55-DX turntable with Shabata Stylus for CD-4 LP's. So what I'm looking for is the Akai test quad 8 track tape and the Akai test LP's for CD-4 and I think they made an Akai test LP for SQ and QS but I could be wrong. Note my AKAI AS-980 receiver has every type of Quad format decoder built into it CD-4, SQ and QS. So just checking to see what is actually out there. Can anyone confirm what was made as far as LP's I know there is an Akai Q8 8 track test cartridge tape, I saw one on Atco's YouTube channel. Does anyone know what was put out by Akai as far as CD-4 or QS or SQ as far as test records. I would be interested to know. I'm also looking to buy some of this stuff. So if you got Akai test tape or LP please contact me. My Akai receivers manual recomends I use the Akai CD-4 test record to zero in my receivers capabilities. Any thoughts or advice on this this would be appreciated.

The 8 track and reel Akai provided with their decks. They are not "test" or "calibration" tapes, but just demos. I have the Q8 for the CR80DSS but it's not for sale.