4 More Quadio titles coming in October!


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Hi Folks
Just want to make a semi-official announcement.
So I just did.
This set will be a real mixed bag. Hope you dig them.
There will be a publicity event at Common Wave in DTLA on September 21st with the Rhino Quadio gang, playing tracks, discussion, Q&A, etc.
More to come!
Steve, as long as it includes THE DIVINE MISS M I will be one happy camper

Looking forward to October.
I can't wait for the first clues.....

"Rhymes with... Sea Gulls".... LOL :rolleyes:

I know,,,, that one's a long shot. I can still hope.;)
Let’s hope they use a different delivery service. But whether or not that’s as bad as the last bunch, I’m on pins and needles. Or needles and pinsah?

I have a feeling that the shipping fiasco will not be repeated. Since they are having a preview day on September 21, with press and a listening party, I would assume (without any knowledge other than guessing) that they will take pre-orders, this time for real.

Steve has not said anything to me about this, but it's my guess. He may chime in and refute or confirm, but I would say that the shipping mess will not happen again.

At any rate, the next mix of Quadio's will be a great add to the expanding Quadio family! Looking forward to seeing those titles, and then waiting for the NEXT batch!!
Part of the shipping fiasco problem has been the concentration of S&H in US, later mitigated by 3 out of 4 shipping from UK. Seems to me, reading the old thread, that a good % of the orders were from outside US.
To have several different shipping point worldwide would be useful, even for the import taxes & duty which can be costly.

Don't know if it can be a useful suggestion, but back in the old days there were "export pressing", with the media (record or tapes) duplicated in one country (let's say US), imported bulk from the company (let's say France) then packaged and sold locally.
I’m very excited that we are not going to wait many months or years for the next batch of Quadio discs. I’m likely to buy all four just to support the ongoing series moving forward.

But I do hope at least one of the discs is a TKO rock album. Ya’ll know that rock of the classic variety does sell discs and gets attention. And then the other three all from different genres, stylistic varieties are along for a good ride as well.

So many of the Warner quad master tapes are sweet sounding mixes. Lots to look forward to here.
I might have to drop in at Common Wave downtown LA on September 21st, and give a firsthand report on the new disc titles.

Common Wave is a higher-end audio store with a meeting greeting space provided I believe.

Only one month away. Sounds like fun don't it!