4 More Quadio titles coming in October!


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I have been watching this and have seen way too many negative sentiments. Once again, please understand that we are a slowly dwindling breed of surround sound junkies. Just because something is released you don't want doesn't mean you have state it. I think we should be grateful that there is even an option available. I'm not saying you have to buy it, but please don't discount how potentially damaging the comments could be to Rhino in continuing to release more. Maybe next time will be more inline with your musical tastes. Buy or not, please don't make it negative. I'm not accusing anyone of saying anything bad, I am merely requesting a more positive approach or perhaps saying nothing if you don't want to buy them. Maybe suggest some titles you would be interested in for the future, express gratitude for the effort....those kinds of words are much more productive.

Just my observation. I didn't mean to offend anyone.
"I Second That Emotion"! I too have fallen into the "why in the heck would they aka "record labels" release X, Y or Z downward spiral only to be surprised (not always!) in a good way. I learned a long time ago (86 through 91) while working for the Record Factory, Wherehouse and finally a small independent store Spirit Records while going to college, that variety really is the "spice of life" and as such have an even more eclectic and deeper appreciation for music and the "recording" arts. Where I do draw the line, however, is when the labels put out poorly mastered/remastered and/or packaged "product". Customer service, poorly packed product that gets damaged in the mail and the like is a whole other box of frogs for a different thread. I am hopeful for the future of surround/hi res and it's physical product as I have been genuinely pleased with the apparent care that has been put into much (most?) of these releases. Just like what happened to many of the independent record stores that could NOT compete against the big chains cost-wise, physical product has been consigned to being a niche market. Of note and to end on a positive note, the independent record stores are all that remain and that is do to the unwavering support of enthusiasts/collectors and just neurotic (me!) people like those who support forums like this and physical audio/video product. How you spend your money and time is up to you, but being encouraging and supportive of programs like Rhino's Quadio, SDE, Analogue Productions, MOFI at all should be a "no brainier". Being "critical" and "constructive" can be accomplished at the same time.
I've been misinformed more than once by a slightly negative review on QQ , only to find out after purchase...the said bad disc was nowhere near as bad as it was made out to be.

If you like the artist...buy it , you won't be disappointed. Unless you are one of the very few that seek some kind of ultra perfection..like maybe sunshine will shoot out of your ##s , when you play it.

Remember....you and you alone are your best reviewer. Don't let others decide for you.
One more time!

as you can see, the Foraging Rhino's fun new animated Logo is of course Rhino's latest bundle of Quadio joy!
I want em ALL and I want em NOW! ;)
I've said it before, but I'll say it again, I can't believe the multich world we're living in today
compared to just a few short years ago. How KOOL is this !
The first is the Queen logo font, if that helps people find the name of the font.
For the avoidance of doubt, no Queen albums were ever mixed or issued in quad. The only possible known quad is some Alan Freeman show Matrix H broadcasts of News Of The World BBC studio tracks, and no copy of that has ever surfaced. Even if it were available it's only 4 tracks at most, probably less. But if it is available from a discrete master I'll swim through shark infested freezing waters to get a copy.