ELP Fanfare Box Set: Much maligned Surround Mixes


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Jan 20, 2022
So I finally got a new ELP Fanfare box set from iMusic with shipping for less that $200 US. It's a beautiful set, and I was most interested in getting it for the Blu-Ray which has the four major ELP albums (Self-titled, Tarkus (remixed in 5.1 by S. Wilson) and Trilogy and BSS (remixed in 5.1 by J. Jakszyk). The two Steven Wilson 5.1's are fine, but really not up to his standards in that they are not that they are not that eventful, and not very exciting in the rears, but fine, and I'm grateful to have these classic albums in surround. Trilogy remixed in 5.1 by Jakko is actually a little more "eventful" mix than Stevens, but is perfectly listenable. The BBS Jakko remix is awful!!! But the box set in general is very worth it for ELP fans if you can find it now under $200.

I'm a huge BSS fan, my favorite album by ELP, so I tracked down a used DVD-A remix of BSS in 5.1 for Rhino, done by John Kellogg and Paul Klingberg. Just finished listening to it again. What a great, discrete and eventful remix for 5.1 surround. Way better that Wilson's or Jakko's 5.1's!!! Just saying for you other ELP heads out there!