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INXS: Live Baby Live Concert in 4K and Atmos coming!

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Feb 4, 2014
Black Hat Territory
I’d love to hear how it looks and sounds!
Direct TV was showing this on one of their 4k channels recently, I set the DVR and the Mrs deleted it by mistake thinking it was one of the earlier AXS Rock Legends show she saw before. They don't give more than a few days notice, and if the opportunity presents itself again, I'll try again. Interested in hearing the Atmos if Direct TV does that, on Video it pops up "HLG HDR".


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Apr 18, 2010
Carpinteria, CA
It looks and sounds great, saw it tonight. Though, a live ambience mix, not an Eliot Scheiner - put you in the music thing. Maybe we will get lucky and Eagle Rock will release it with 2 soundtracks, theatrical and stage mix, similar to Stop Making Sense.


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Jul 9, 2015
San Mateo CA
I’d love to hear how it looks and sounds!
More importantly for me is the video content of on of my favorite bands. I saw the super big film production of Soundgarden down in L.A. and I hated it, was just way too loud even though the 3 screen picture was stellar.
This INXS was a top concert at Wembley for INXS just as good as Queen, Live Aid at Wembly, the crowd's energy is beyond belief. The concert audio was in my opinion really no different than the DVD I have of Live Baby Live.
I can't get enough of INXS and I enjoyed myself in the movie theater lounge chairs, I would say 20 people at most where there for the one nighter.
The beginning had a blank screen and an audio only of what a treat we where going to be in fore. I thought this is a good sign and maybe between songs they would have band members comment on historical facts and memories of that concert, but nothing, so that was disappointing for me.
I don't think I would purchase this if it ever is offered in Blu Ray or Atmos. I have the CD and the DVD. They would have to make it really special for me to consider.
If you are interested in a great movie about INXS, with great actors, I strongly suggest purchasing, Never Tear Us Apart. In the movie they do talk about Wembley and answer the question, how did the drummer get on stage so far ahead of everyone else. If you ever watched the series Black Sails, Long John Silver plays Michael Hutchence.


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Jun 13, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
Maybe this would sound better on our home systems. It being played so loud wouldn’t have helped.

Seeing it on a smaller screen would also improve its look.

I’m a big INXS fan and will no doubt get this on BDV if it arrives, even if only in 1080p but I’d love it in 4K for my big system with a 75” screen, although my next upgrade will be a 77” OLED.


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Aug 2, 2008
I'm seeing various blu-ray (incl. 4K) pre-order links on the jpc.de site for March 20:
No specs yet, though.


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Mar 11, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Another listing:

Says media type is "Blu-Ray" but the price is 539kr and they have another listing for "Blu-ray" at 429kr so hopefully more signs we are actually getting a UHD release, one would assume with HDR also.

Other Blu-Ray listing not mentioning 4K - Live Baby Live [Import] - Musik - CDON.COM

The Blu-ray+CD listing is also up at 499kr so less than the "4K" one.

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