Listening to Now (In Surround) - Volume 2


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Boz's Dig DVDA rip
Funny how this is a "pallate cleanser" anda "far out trip" at the same time..
What a masterpiece!!!
SOOO highly recommended...
I like to say that this is the best album Steely Dan NEVER recorded..

On a VERY personal note, I love it it how me and my ex were SO CLOSE to the mainstream.. we had a song called "Window Shopping" which sounded basically like "Payday" and yet we never heard this LP back then...I also recorded a song in 1992 with my group and we managed to get to be finalists in the "Villa de Madrid" Pop contest which was BASICALLY a cover of Sting's "Soul Cages" and that was the ONLY CD I did not have back then so I had never heard it...good to know my subconscious and or my muses take me so close to the coolest Pop...
This is what I call a demo surround disc!
Album: Surrounded

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