Mark Knopfler - One Deep River (SDE exclusive Blu-Ray w/Dolby Atmos, limited to 2000, April '24)


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Could you post a link to it? Every time I've searched on Apple Music I can only find the "Warner Remaster" lossless version of BIA. The Atmos version of the Money for Nothing compilation album is easy to find, but with BIA I have no luck. Thanks!

(Note - perhaps this is just an issue with Apple Music in the US.)
Here it is, maybe only available in Europe
Here it is, maybe only available in Europe
Thanks. When I follow that link, Apple Music just gives me the stereo lossless version, labelled 1985, confirmed as stereo using Loopback (only L/R get signal). Whereas the 2022 Money for Nothing remaster shows all 8 channels active when my Mac is setup for 7.1 rear surround. Sadly that means only the 3 tracks - Walk of Life, Money for Nothing, and Brothers in Arms - from BIA are available in Atmos.

So maybe just a US issue.
Well it's prompted me to pull out the old dualdisc of BIA (well ok the .iso file) and listen. Knopfler is such an incredible guitarist. Wish he would get back into the more Flamenco guitar style playing, he's so good at it. Or was.

Anyway the album has been ordered and I anxiously await it's release.
Yes!..we pre-ordered the day we got the mail notice. Very talented man🎸
Buried on Guy Fletcher's Q&A there is this reply: "I am certain they will produce more" (after somebody voiced their disappointment at realizing the disc had already sold out)

Obviously some stray copies will appear close to or after release date, but if the demand is high enough, I wouldn't be surprised if this got a dedicated second pressing...