Mike Oldfield: Discovery and Killing Fields announced


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Always best to put artist in the thread title too, so members won't be quite as confused and think it might be something else…
With that being said, like I mentioned before, too bad they couldn't get Oldfield to remix the Killing Fields sound track in surround for the actual movie when it came out on Blu-Ray early last year.
So it seems like he's releasing previously unreleased music... In 5.1?

This shall be interesting. Hopefully the announcement also means the 2 albums will be in 5.1. I'd probably pick up Discovery.
Not big on Discovery but I'll buy a 5.1...Killing Fields though is an awesome soundtrack album and one of my fave later Oldfield releases - love to hear it in 5.1 and any odds'n'ends from that stuff that he had held back for whatever reason.
Oldfield just posted this on Facebook:

Hello everyone.
Thanks so much for all your posts.
I hope to have news and artwork very soon about the upcoming Discovery and Killing Fields re releases. I can tell you that the " Suite 1984 " will have some interesting surprises such as a Halloween special re mix....
More to come very soon.
Love Mike