New Stones album announced, coming in September - Hackney Diamonds (CD + Atmos Blu-Ray Box Set)


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I've seen a number of people in here complain about the dynamic range of the stereo mix, but I think it's important to note that it sounds nowhere near as distorted as much of A Bigger Bang. One hobby I have is to try and make music more dynamic, "undoing" any distortion caused dynamic range compression as well. Is this something y'all would be interested in hearing for Hackney Diamonds? I currently am working on editing A Bigger Bang and I think it sounds pretty good.

Ex: This is how "She Saw Me Coming" sounds originally:

And here's what I was able to do with my edit of the track:

Notice especially the crackle in the opening guitar and whenever they yell the title line.
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Amazon UK have the CD/Blu Ray box set for £16.47 currently