New Stones album announced, coming in September - Hackney Diamonds (CD + Atmos Blu-Ray Box Set)


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There's a CD + Blu Ray Box Set available on their U.S. website with "hi-res 24/96 audio and Dolby Atmos versions of the album." It ain't cheap though, $55.00 before taxes & shipping. It states it's a Limited Edition., Hopefully will be available through other retailers?

Let’s hope so, with taxes & shipping it’s goes up to a whopping $97 in Calif!

I may stick to streaming anyway, unless it’s mixed by a proven mix engineer.
I went to the Amazon U.S. site to see if this was listed yet. (No)

Searched on "Hackney Diamonds” and saw a lot of pillows and phone covers that I highly doubt are official. Someone worked fast to get that stuff up.
On the official website its £54.99 for a CD, BD and some la-de-da booklet and box cover art! Seems rather expensive, even for as insane a disc purchaser as me!

Do they really need the money that badly?
I do like the new song betting this will be a very decent late period album

Of course the video shows a young girl dancing to images of the younger stones. Youth sells.
How about an 80 year old woman who grew up with the stones riding in a wheelchair accessible van waving her crutches slowly to the music while we see images of the stones wearing depends?