Pink Floyd - The Later Years (1987-2019) [CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Box Set]

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Jun 14, 2002
Sacramento, California
When I was in high school DSOTM and WYWH were released.
Yep, same here. Gradually came to realize that several songs I enjoyed hearing on KZAP 98.5 FM Sacramento were from the same album, so I got on the bus and bought a copy. Still remember hearing it all the way through for the first time.

Had an absolutely surreal moment related to that just the day before yesterday: Was having my car serviced and had time to kill. Normally would have just taken a Lyft home, but, you know...COVID. So instead I just wandered around downtown Sacramento for a while. Eventually wound up sitting outside a dog park with my phone connected to the city wifi listening to the reborn KZAP through their smartphone app.

Before long, they played "Us and Them". The file in the station library is one I provided to them from one of the first CDs I ever bought. So...almost 47 years after buying my first copy of the album because of KZAP, I randomly wound up listening to them broadcast one of its songs sourced from my own CD.

Maybe you had to be there, but for me it was One Of Those Moments.

Making it even weirder, I've had overnight shifts at KZAP for almost two years now, during which time I've managed to sneak in the obscured version of "Not Now John", "Cymbaline" and the long live BBC version of "Fat Old Sun". Though I have no idea if anyone listens during those hours...


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Jan 8, 2010
It depends on how old you are. When I was in high school DSOTM and WYWH were released. There was good reason to idolize them back then.
I still can't quite imagine how mind bending seeing a pre DSOTM show would have been! Concert sound like no one else had. Surround sound that no one else could even understand. I was in jr high school when the Wall hit. I guess I thought some of it was kind of cool. It didn't make a big impression. I didn't have anyone around to turn me onto Floyd just quite yet. Couple years later a friend played me Echoes and then the Piper album and that's what reeled me in. The Wall is still kind of one of their sleeper releases for me.


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Mar 2, 2002
PF is getting really bad with their marketing. Bad in a money-grabbing way. You would think those guys had enough cash and already made a stash.

I get so many emails from their store that they outnumber the number of toll free calls I get informing me that the service agreement on the car I no longer own is ready to be renewed and all I have to do is sign up.


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Aug 28, 2020
I simply wish they would keep their petty fighting among themselves and think about why they're rich and famous in the first place (i.e. the fans). I'm not asking for a handout, but I'm not getting any younger either and it's been have a lifetime since Animals came out already. If my hearing goes or I check out early, well bollocks on them.

What possible reason could Gilmour have to not let Animals be released in 5.1 other than we know he and Waters despise each other and Gilmour never liked Animals that much to begin with (never plays any of the tracks from it or The Final Cut live ever since the '70s). But Animals wasn't really Animals until Waters made it so. Dogs was You've Gotta Be Crazy and Sheep was Raving and Drooling, but those were collaborative efforts (the last of them although I think those two predated WYWH even as I seem to recall them being played on DSOTM set lists. The worst thing is their animosity seems to boil down to who has creative control over the group. Gilmour may be the better musician, but Waters is a founding member and Gilmour was originally brought on to cover Syd going comatose during live gigs. The account of Gilmour walking offstage during the final Animals live show when he claims he doesn't even remember what he was angry about says it all, IMO. But should the fans be denied a simple surround remix because they don't like each other? They can't leave the fans out of it? Two rich fat cats arguing over whether they should buy Meow Mix or Fancy Feast?

I'll be trying Animals out on the Surround Master as soon as I get the new V3 one hooked up (not out yet, though).
Agree with MagnumX !!