SPOTLIGHT Sony Japan 7" Mini-LP Hybrid SACD Series - Comprehensive List of Multichannel Titles


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Jul 13, 2015
Portland, OR, USA
I searched here and elsewhere and could find no comprehensive list of titles released by Sony Japan (and sublabels) in their 7" mini-LP format. Of special interest, of course, are releases in the series with included multichannel mixes, so I've decided to start a list here. Future announcements/releases may be added to this thread. Moderators: please help me by editing this first post to keep the list up-to-date. Here are the releases known to exist:

Billy Joel:
Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills:
Beck, Bogert & Appice:
Carole King:
Herbie Hancock:
Jeff Beck:
Mahavishnu Orchestra:
Miles Davis:
Pink Floyd:

List of titles in order of release:


1EPICEICP 10001Jeff BeckBlow by Blow
2EPICEICP 10002Beck, Bogert & AppiceBeck, Bogert & Appice
3EPICEICP 10003Jeff Beck GroupJeff Beck Group
4EPICEICP 10004Jeff BeckWired
5EPICEICP 10005Jeff Beck GroupRough and Ready
6SonySICJ 10008-9Miles DavisBitches Brew
7SonySICJ 10012-3Miles DavisLive Evil
8SonySICJ 10014Herbie HancockHead Hunters
9SonySICJ 10015Mahavishnu OrchestraBirds of Fire
10SonySICP 10116-8SantanaLotus
11SonySICP10120Carole KingTapestry
12SonySICP 10123-4Billy Joel52nd Street
13SonySICP 10129-31Billy JoelThe Stranger
14SonySICP 10134SantanaSantana (First)
15SonySICP 10135SantanaAbraxsis
16SonySICP 10138SantanaSantana (Third)
17SonySICP 10139-40TotoToto IV
18SonySICP 10141Santana/MilesLive!
19SonySICP 10142SantanaCaravanserai
20SonySICP 10143Pink FloydDark Side of the Moon
21SonySICP 10144Santana/McLaughlinLove Devotion Surrender
22SonySICP 10145Bloomfield/Cooper/StillsSuper Session
23SonySICP 10150SantanaWelcome
24SonySICP 10151Billy JoelPiano Man
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I would love it if Sony Japan could give us the following:

Billy Joel:

Earth, Wind & Fire:



And if they wanted to follow these up some more Santana I certainly wouldn't complain. :phones
I thought Jeff Beck's Wired release was the original 4.0 release and not a derived 5.1. Am I wrong?

It's the 4.0 mix, but they created a fake center by summing all four channels to mono and lowering that about 10 dB relative to the other channels. I would guess the LFE channel is that same mono summation run through a low-pass filter. It seems they've stopped doing this as the last few quad titles in the series (Bitches Brew, Live-Evil, Santana) are authored in 5.0 with an empty center.
I don't think any surround/quad fan has ever been happy with the quad mix of Tapestry, no matter what the media type

The Sony Japan reissue uses the 5.1 remix by Paul Klingberg rather than the old quad (which just sounds like the stereo mix run through an echo chamber). The issue with the 5.1 for me is that most of the elements that seem to be coming from the rear channels, like the guitar and sax solos in "It's Too Late", are still present at like half-volume in the fronts. Had they made that stuff totally isolated in the rears, it would've been a great mix.
Seems like the 7" isn't available....I'll check on eBay to see if anyone is selling a copy....don't care about the sound quality I know already how bad it is ..... only want the 7" package (y)

Actually if the sound is just so atrocious/appalling, why don't Sony Japan redo it? :confused: :unsure:
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