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Frankie's had enough of the Republican debate, now groping for the "stop" button:
Smart cat.
I won't watch any political debates, for one reason, none of them will ever actually answer a question asked of them. They immediately steer their answer to something they want to talk about without ever really giving a direct answer to the question they were asked.
Waste of time, really.
We've had our one tortie since she was a kitten, about 12 years old now. She is active (sometimes HYPERactive), very smart, and very stubborn. Nitro may live up to her name after she's become accustomed to her new environment :)
We’ve renamed her “Camo.” She’s very good at naps, occasionally plays with catnip toys, but only for a minute or so each time. More toys coming, but she’s tame enough to accept having her paws held and her tummy rubbed.
We’ve renamed her “Camo.” She’s very good at naps, occasionally plays with catnip toys, but only for a minute or so each time. More toys coming, but she’s tame enough to accept having her paws held and her tummy rubbed.
Yeah, paw holding is a good thing to do. Most of our cats were trained that way and it makes it very easy to clip the tips of their nails every few weeks.
Camo sound like a sweetie :)

Cats have this incredible sense of knowing when one is having a rough time. That is Cupcake's paw on my ex's arm.
I realize this thread is mainly intended for postings about QQ members pets & critters. I'd like to temporarily break from that & pass on some info & I'm sure folks will appreciate. However I will start of with something about my own Maddie the Beagle.

2014-05-19 20.48.12-2.jpg

She was our first rescue dog. It took about a year to resolve some horrible & painful health problems relating to Beagle Pain Syndrome. She was 6 years old at adoption & we had about 7 good pain free years after that. Naturally when an older dog is turned over to a shelter you can't help wonder what the story might be. I searched google, facebook, shelters hoping to find a matching pic or some info. I never did but that doesn't stop google from trying. Instead of Maddie the Beagle I found Maddie the Coonhound.

She too was an adopted pup by a professional photographer named Theron Humphrey. It seems Maddie had two special talents. One was to remain cool & calm under all conditions. Another was to be able to balance on just about anything. Think of the spare tire on the back of a Jeep or fence post.

As Humprhey traveled across the country on assignments he took Maddie & photographed her a lot. Eventually this turned into a photo book called Maddie on Things.

Then he had this wild idea of building a house, living in it a few years, and move on to build a new one. He has completed his 2nd house & is currently residing in Montana. Take a look @inspclouseau :

On his official website you can read a round up of this history & current events. I will link to his portfolio overview but certainly check out the other sections:
I think Maddie the Coonhound must be getting up in years. I check for new pics maybe once every few weeks. I know someday I'll read the worst. But for right now, this is one lucky dog.

Disclaimer: I do not know Theron Humprhey & I have no vested interest if you happen to buy one of his books or not. Including the follow up book Maddie Lounging on Things. I just think readers of this thread would appreciate this.
Our sweet cat, Dee (on the right) has a nasty UTI issue. Literally hit 24 hours ago. She's hurting, and can't pee. Blood in her urine, if she dribbles. :( I'm taking her to vet tomorrow am at 8. I hope they can provide her some relief. She's not young, 13 years old.
I know Lamar, not so much Dee. I hope the best for a healthy life for both of them. I think 13 is rather young for a cat so look for some more good years.
After my long-time animal shelter reject (a senior dog, it was good to get a house-broken, calm, older animal) went over
the rainbow bridge a few years ago, I recently acquired another shelter refugee. I call him Dobby Longshanks, the doxie-pin.

I'm not a big Harry Potter (or Braveheart) fan -- but those ears! And really long legs. He could be one of those weird Greek
mythological hybrids, like the sphynx.

He's quite a bit younger than my last, and I am not, but he keeps me active!


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New memberof our family today. She’s a rescue, about 6 years old, and seemed to pick us out instead of the other way around. We’ve had about ten cats over the course of our marriage. This is our first tortoise shell.

No name yet. The shelter called her “Nitro.” She’s not that active, which is good.
We’ e decided her name is “Jazz,” since the “Camo” moniker kept coming out “Coma.”

That face is pretty jazzy.