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Sal what you may have missed is Chucky's other bidness is a solar energy company. I don't remember if he makes panels but he makes battery packs. Big uns. So he can play his ten kw stereo if there is a power outage. He should make an audiophile uninteruptable "pure sine wave" version and sell it for a million dollars. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
But you've the internet, and mobile phone coverage I expect! Parts of the UK still don't have either one or both!
They have a 4G link but its dodgy and outside the homestead you can only communicate with Telstra, if you have optus like me or Vodaphone you are out of luck- except for emergency service. All of which says they could do it if one of the communications ministers over the years had the brains to force these separate communications companies to cross bill. Or perish the thought have one national network comrades!! Idiots
Well gang, I am back as of 2 am Saturday morning, after a 350 klm drive in the dust to Alice Springs, a 2 hr flight to Adelaide and another 1 hr flight back to Melbourne. I lied when I said the owner had 900,000 acres. It turned out on the drive back, we bumped into him at the 250 klm mark going the other way, and pulled over on the side of the road for a chat- just a great guy and it happens he has 2 MILLION acres!!!!

As promised below is a photographic tour of pictures taken randomly every 30 klm. on the dust road the owner owns both sides of the made road the owner owns the right hand side.
My sales pitch is we are twice as heavy and more expensive!

But it' lasts 10 times longer and over a lifetime is the cheapest on the market at 5 cents per kWh.........the only battery on the market that actually pays off several times. Oh there has never been a lithium titanate fire or explosion!!
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My college roommate lives in Geneva. He was always interested and obsessed with oddball transportation methods. He had a Velo Solex motorbike when we were in high school, and in college he had a Subaru 360 one of a very short handfull imported into the US.

Accordingly when lithium battery powered motorbikes started being available he had to buy hisself one. It burst into flame in his laundry room adjacent to his garage. He said it was a very impressive event.
The photo montage looks one of those 'Pick the photo with an Air-vent' to prove you're not a robot - and begs the question, how do you stay awake when it all looks the same for hours?
Try driving across the Nullarbor, I have done it 3 times.......very zen only 4000 klm of nothing. Except at one roadside petrol station where Mr Tiny ( his personalised number plate) road in on his Harley. I remember being at the counter paying for my petrol and I felt a shadow come over me, I turned around and I was looking at his chest and he was built like a mountain. Given I am 6 feet 5 you guess how tall that sucker was
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Believe it or not but we just got back from another trip to central Australia in the middle of absolute nowhere. Its really dangerous driving at night as the kangaroos come out and they are random as to which direction the jump along dust roads. Even though we were going slow one jumped into our car and I being an animal lover was horrified and Little Max thought he might have to do a mercy killing, then as he got out of the car the kangaroo got up shook his head and hopped off. They are as tough as nails.

Here is a photo of an isolated stop, they also have a camel and emu farm. In the picture below with one of our electronic engineers Parth and little Max, the camel is fake:
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