Bob Dylan "Time Out Of Mind" - SDE Blu-Ray #8


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My dream release: The Three Tenors…Bob Dylan, Axl Rose and Geddy Lee.

I’m passing on this one.
Paul does keep us on our toes and guessing and surprising us doesn’t he ? Admittedly I was hoping and guessing for something different, I ordered it to continue the series but it probably won’t be in heavy rotation ..
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Do not miss out. This product is a limited edition and has a 14 day pre-order window, which closes on 24 February 2023. The Blu-ray of Time Out Of Mind (2022 Remix) will be released on 28 April 2023.”

I much prefer the ‘70’s Dylan like the non-digital release for the SQ ‘Desire’; but of course, this one had to be ordered.