Bob Dylan "Time Out Of Mind" - SDE Blu-Ray #8


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This is "10" alright - I love the Atmos mix! Only drawback, is that this is the first SDE disc I've purchased, which doesn't automatically default to the multichannel mix, upon loading. The authoring of the disc forces you you to select audio from the menu first. So I have to fire up the projector first. Darn.
I have not received my disc yet, but have been listening to it on Apple Music which I suppose is the same mix? Good music and good fidelity but to me not a 10 in total, 8 maybe. The Atmos mix is to conservative. If this is a 10, what will you give a Steven Wilson mix, a Bruce Soord mix or the new Peter Gabriel mixes? ;)
My disc arrived today. I'm listening to it now.....and Real Big Bummer.

The Atmos does not fold down to 5.1.....only prologic.
Disappointingly, same kind of problem here. I have a Sony UBP-X800M2 player going into a non-Atmos Marantz receiver set up with 5.1. When I play this disc, and select the Atmos mix, the receiver's display doesn't indicate any incoming signal on ANY channel whatsoever, and nothing is output to my speakers. This is the only disc I have (so far) that behaves this way. All of the other discs I own, that contain an Atmos mix, fold down to 5.1 automatically when I play the Atmos mix.; and the receiver shows it is receiving all 6 channel signals. So, all I can do is play the stereo version, and if I want, set my receiver to Dolby PL or something similar. Has anyone got a definitive explanation for this??