Issue Playing Back Burned DVD-Audio Disc on Sony UBP-x800m2

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Jul 20, 2021
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My guess is that the player requires the book type be properly set to DVD-ROM in order to play the audio content. Unfortunately, not all burners are capable of arbitrarily setting the book type. The last time I dinked around with bit setting was years ago; the navigation system in my Acura wouldn't accept burned discs and luckily enough I had a burner that would allow me to set the book type of the burned disc to DVD-ROM instead of DVD+/-R.

I agree with @timbre4 that it is humorous that Sony will even allow their players to play DVD-A, which is reason enough for me not to even give them a glance. I'm happy with my Oppo BDP-93 as I haven't made the jump beyond 1080p. :cool:


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Jan 9, 2013
The Sony player supports all DVD formats except for DVD-RAM. I don’t see why book type would be the cause of burned DVD-As not being recognized if burned DVD-Vs are playable.
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If you recall the SONY 800 series Universal Players were the first to introduce MLP DVD~A playback in ANY OF THEIR PLAYERS so not surprised [but it is quite frustrating] that they cannot recognize a DVD~RAM!


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Aug 24, 2003
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For what it's worth I recently tried burning a DVD-A with the book type set to DVD-ROM. My UBP-X800 did not recognise the disc.
Further to this - my original test was done on a DVD+RW. Just to cover all bases I have now tested it by burning The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin onto a DVD+R DL with the book type set to DVD-ROM. Both the DVD-A and DVD-V sections play fine on my Oppo BDP-93. On the Sony UBP-X800 it plays the DVD-V section just fine but when set to read the DVD-A section it shows "unknown disc".

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May 24, 2014
I’m still trying to play Chicago & Doobies Quadio (Blu-ray Audio) I’ve put off buying the Sony UBP-X800 because of reading multiple threads mentioning issues, but most of the complaints seem to be about copy protection issues. I too wish that there was an affordable option… one that actually can play what they're selling.

As far as copy protection, Sony is the king. They monitor boards like these for research into how people get around their copy protection… don’t kid yourself, probably subpoenas too… Ha

Still, for me, it would be nice to copy my 4 channel vinyl once I get the SH-400, AT-20SLa and JVC JL-A40 all sorted out… I’m a Mac guy for last 10 years… still haven’t embarked… I have a Quad Reel-to-Reel and 8-track… A X800 is only $280 from Sony… I figured there would be limitations… you are the other quad guys, who else is going to understand my issues !

#1 for me is the damn appeal of a “Universal Disc Player”… unfortunately for Quad… it’s a truly unsatisfying search for gear to extract that (4 channel) DTS encoded stream coming out of the UBP-X800… this and to actually be certain that you are getting (4) discrete channels rather than something derived…

Doobies Quadio Bluray Audio is 192kHz / 24-bit Quad DTS HD Master Audio… so after the UBP-X800… then what? I still have to spend a tremendous amount to find a box to decode at 24/192. I haven’t seen one that isn’t inside a receiver… I have two matched Musiland MD-10’s for a solution, but I’m stuck…

I’m just not interested in a multichannel receiver… most a junk… everything seems to have trouble handling 24/96 never mind the 24/192 DTS HD Master Audio… some really expensive solutions will not provide actual 24/192 output.

So far, my only solution a cheap eBay box that does what I believe is either 16/48 or 24/48… might as well start using earbuds… while it does work and outputs actual 4.0 channel and according to the label supports DTS…

(Another thread I mentioned the decoder RANHE (RH-699X Pro)

As to speculating why Sony messes with everyone over copyright infringement… its just their fiduciary responsibility.

Now it’s regulators… new admin, aggressive stances on anti-trust… we’ll see… mostly lip service… there are obvious conflicts and market manipulations all over the marketplace… where to begin… Sony and hardware-music & film-hardware-theaters… As long as we have reasonable oligopolies… they let it happen… a global marketplace…

Remember… RCA did CD-4 and CBS did SQ… control to great effect along with lawsuits and patent protections and royalties… now we have Dolby and DTS and maybe someday Involve Audio grabbing a toe hold…

Our Sony UBP-X800… I wonder how much that box would cost if it were made by someone that wasn’t in the Music business…

”Universal Music Group (32% market share), Sony Music Entertainment (20%), and Warner Music Group (16%) - hold a 68% share of the music recording market. Similarly, the three largest music publishers - Sony (25%), Universal Music Publishing (21%), and Warner Chappell Music (12%) - maintain a 58% share of the music publishing market.”

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Apr 6, 2012
I hear you - hence my approach of "You can take my Oppo 95 when you pry it from my cold dead fingers..." The only risk is the Oppo might die before I do.

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You might want to mount the iso to explore it and confirm there is an Audio_TS folder as well as a Video_TS. You need the former - even though it is empty - for a proper DVD-A.

Apologies if you're already aware of this.
The AUDIO_TS is where ALL DVD-Audio content actually resides - if that folder is empty, the disc is not DVD-Audio.