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Listening to Now (In Surround) - Volume 2

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May 12, 2017
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The Beatles - Love
The bass drops in Within You Without You / Tomorrow Never Knows are immense (y)
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By coincidence, I put this on and am near the end -- great stuff!

A nice "mix-tape" of surround Beatles!

Interesting to compare with recent 5.1 releases of entire albums. . . .


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Jan 9, 2013
I’m grateful that I can still go into some decent music stores near my house. I definitely give them all the support I can. And it’s been great to see these Dutton Vocalion SACDs displayed on their shelves these past several years.
Brett, glad to see that Dutton Vocalion has extended its reach to Japan and on the various worldwide Amazon sites to create an awareness that quality QUAD SACDs still exist and are extremely well priced.....some on par with NEW 'single' RBCDs.

Distressingly, I came across this single offering from US Distributor ImportCD in which they're gouging the customer by offering this D~V Paul Mauriat QUAD SACD two~fer for $35! [D~V List IS £11.99]! ImportCD also has 'erroneously' listed it as an ASIA IMPORT [????]

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