What's the Latest MATRIX LP/CD Added to Your Pile? SQ, QS, RM, EV


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Don't forget chapters 3 & 4.

Caught Gato live in NYC at the old Iridium when it was downstairs at the Empire Hotel. Hey!!
Already ordered and in transit! What an amazing series this is turning out to be! And what a rush it must have been to see him live! I'll live vicariously when Chapter Four arrives!
Looking forward to spinning this new arrival . . . after a good Spin-Clean!
Stanley Turrentine - Don't Mess With Mister T.
Don't forget chapters 3 & 4.

Caught Gato live in NYC at the old Iridium when it was downstairs at the Empire Hotel. Hey!!

I recommend all 4 chapters as well... QL.
And chapter 4 , is Live At The Bottom Line . Also ..Jerry Lebow , Sansui's U.S. promoter , is in attendance. He may be the one who encoded the album , but I can't be certain.
Anyway thought I'd share that , little tidbit of info.
And yet on a variety of Sony cd's the SQ emblem is quite prevalent , and likewise and more importantly so do ALL of the latest Sony multichannel quad SACD'S.
So you see , forgive me but I find your statement rather puzzling .:)unsure: )

Fwiw , Sony doesn't seem to have any difficulty with SQ reissues . Both cd and SACD.

The last known SQ encoded recording was back in approximately 1985 with the Buddy Rich-King St. set , also the last known SQ decoders were released by Aphex in 85, 86 , and I believe 87.

Personally , I think it's now in the public domain and if not , well then WHO do you think owns the rights to use both the SQ encode and the SQ matrix emblems ??

As to seeing a complete list of Sony SQ titles , on cd , I too would love to see that quad listing as I'm sure most of us on QQ would concur .
I haven't seen any of the Sony CD's, with the SQ logos on them. The SACD's, in the 7" packaged SACD's, they do have the SQ logo, but the CD layer isn't SQ-encoded. As for who has the rights to the SQ logo and system, I'm sure they let the patent expire by now. But Tate-Reber Productions, Gary Reber, in particular, reportedly bought out the rights from CBS. The Buddy Rich double CD set you mentioned, and which I have, refers to "Tate/SQ" on the cover. There was also a David Bowie laserdisc that bore that mention, too.
There was some discussion about the "Rich Mountain Tower" CD that was recently released. I have the LP, in EV Stereo-4, so I was interested to compare the CD to the LP. My copy of the CD arrived today. There's a small blurb on the back cover that states that the album was originally issued in quad, but it didn't confirm, one way or the other, if the CD was also quad. I remember, too, that Ovation re-released the album in QS. I never got that one, but the EV sounded great through the SM. I wasted no time getting the CD into my player, and lo and behold, it's quad, alright!!! I believe they used the QS master. The separation was so close to discrete, I was truly amazed. I always liked the music on the album, and I heard it better than ever from this CD. There was also a mention that, although the label didn't know who owns the master, they set up an escrow account for the owner, if they choose to come forward. I hope they intend to release more of the rock from Ovation Records, or even some of their other albums, on quad CD. There are many I wouldn't hesitate to buy.