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Aug 2, 2008
JienatMira (SACD+BD-V [dts-HD]) 1/5
PBII – Plastic Soup (
CD+DVD-V [DD]) 1/23

Lou ReedMetal Machine Music (DVD-V [DD] / BD-A [LPCM 96/24]) 2/15
Pete Namlook – Namlook XXIII · Pearl II (
CD+DTS CD) 2/25
Atemlos (2CD+DVD-V [DD]) 3/12
Porcupine TreeThe Incident (DVD-A) 3/15
ChicagoChicago Transit Authority (DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 3/23
OpethBlackwater Park (CD+DVD-V [dts]) 3/29 (UK)
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsTender Prey (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 3/29 (UK)
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsThe Good Son (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 3/29 (UK)
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsHenry's Dream (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 3/29 (UK)
Pete Namlook – Namlook XXIV · Pearl III (
CD+DTS CD) 4/1
Pete Namlook – Move D • Namlook XXI - Stranger I (
CD+DTS CD) 5/3
We're Here Because We're Here (CD+DVD-A) 5/31
Pete Namlook – Move D • Namlook XXII - Stranger II (CD+DTS CD) 5/31

Mike OldfieldOmmadawn (2CD+DVD-V [DD]) 6/7
Mike OldfieldHergest Ridge (2CD+DVD-V [DD]) 6/7
Dennis Kolen – Northeim | Goldmine (
SACD) 6/18

Dorothee MunyanezaDorothee Munyaneza (CD+DVD-A) 6/21
Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersMojo (BD-V [dts-HD]) 6/28
David Miles Huber
Parallax Eden (DTS CD) 7/1
Aretha FranklinThe Best Of Aretha Franklin (DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 8/17
Kenichi Tsunoda Big Band – Big Band Sound (SACD) 8/25
Kenichi Tsunoda Big Band – Big Band Stage (SACD) 8/25

Gavin Harrison & 05RicCircles (CD+DVD-A) 9/6 (UK)
Pete Namlook – Namlook XXV - Permutations (
CD+DTS CD) 9/20

David BowieStation To Station (5CD+3LP+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 9/27 (EU)
Ray ThomasFrom Mighty Oaks (3CD+DVD-V [DD]) 9/27 (UK)
Lichtmond (BD-V [7.1 dts-HD MA]) 10/1
King CrimsonIn the Wake of Poseidon (CD+DVD-A) 10/4 (UK)
King CrimsonIslands (CD+DVD-A) 10/4 (UK)
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross
The Social Network O.S.T. (BD-A [LPCM 96/24]) 10/18
Pete Namlook & David Moufang – Move D • Namlook XXIII - Stranger III (
CD+DTS CD) 10/18
John Foxx
The Complete Cathedral Oceans (3CD+DVD-V [DD]) 10/18 only Cathedral Oceans III gets 5.1 treatment!
Pete Namlook & Lorenzo Montanà – Move D • Montanà - Labyrinth (CD+DTS CD) 11/8

Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersDamn the Torpedoes (BD-V [PCM/dts-HD MA]) 11/9
Lee Ritenour6 String Theory (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 12/6
Anjulie (CD+DVD-V [dts 96/24]) 12/6
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