White Light Orchestra - Space Rock Across The Universe (QuadroSurround DVD-A)


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Dec 20, 2014
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I got a letter from Dietrich and an E-mail that I will be receiving this title soon. It will ship in about a week.

Lets all give him the support he needs to keep the titles coming.
The title is listed in the coming soon area of the Web site.
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As soon as my preview copy arrives I will listen and report as well. QuadroSurround is, to me, under appreciated around here. Just because there are no big name releases from them is no excuse, their product is quality through and through - with terrific 4 corner surround and expert musicmanship. There are some genre's of music that I am personally not attracted to (Latin for example), but there are others that are spot on.

These DVD-A's are very worthy of everyone's attention.
The following is a scan of the promotional flyer for this new release, along with a rough translation of the announcement.

New from QuadroSurround we are proud to bring you a special and original music production from Hamburg, the world famous home to many music bands over the years. We have worked together with a local band to create an original production consisting of soft rock backed by a "Galactic Choir".

The first title is named "Across the Universe"

Beneath the big orchestral arrangements are very well known local keyboardists and vocalists. Some of the selections were written by the performers and others are covers.

On this disc you will hear "Wish You Were Here" in a new style which sounds quite impressive and sure to grab the listeners attention in quadraphonic sound.

This release is just another style of music we are please to bring you from QuadroSurround.

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This disc came in a couple of days back. It is such a pleasure to listen to, I would say easy listening soft rock. Hope that they continue to go back to their analog collection and re-release.


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I got my copy last week of "Space Rock". It's the best yet. I listened to it last Friday, and I will listen tonight as I take notes on it. I will write the review soon. It's definitely my kind of music.

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I got my copy too and have listened a few times.

First off, it's more of a "modern" surround mix that many of the QuadroSurround discs. The vocals and backing vocals are mostly up front with instrumentation in the rears and blended into the fronts. So it's not a pin-point "there's a violin over in the rear right" kind of mix. However, it does work for the material.

Secondly, it's a very hard thing for a group from a non-English speaking country to take on songs by The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd and The Beach Boys. Wow, that's quite a task. So, before you listen you have to detach yourself from the originals and listen to these 4 tracks without comparisons to the originals. They are different takes on them so it's not like they're going for a tribute type of deal.

The production is very good, as I said, more modern that some of their stuff, and the 4.0 fills the center front just fine. You won't miss your center speaker. The original tunes are my favorites as they are not tasking my brain to compare them with recordings created by the rock gods!

This is another great effort by QuadroSurround. With many people screaming for a surround only label, well here you go. QuadroSurround. It's real. It's here. Check it out.
I have it as well and agree, this some very interesting stuff and not that expensive. Dietrich is a very cool dude and very accommodating. :)
Hey Y'all:
I just finished listening to "Space Rock Across the Universe" by the White Light Rockestra. Here's my review:

First of all, forget the title. This isn't "space music" if you get my drift. It's the kind of rock music that I heard alot as a teenager and that was a while back. I really can't pin it to any well known group, Badfinger comes to mind at times, but it's not that close. The first song is a Beetles tune, Originally sung by Lennon, "Across the Universe" is done well, the lead singer can make me forget about Lenin's overplayed voice, makes this song renewed. With the next song "Let the Music Play", I have no prior familiararity, It's a soft rock song, which most of these are, It is performed well, it has a feature I really like, that was prominent in music when I was younger and that is a Wurlitzer organ with the warble box, I don't know what you call them exactly, but they have the spinning speaker inside them to produce the effect. Anyway, that sound appears in the left rear in this song. Steppenwolf was famous for using this sound effect. I love Steppenwolf. The next song, I Don't Know Where I'm Going" starts up with the choir in harmony in all speakers. The choir is used liberally throughout this album, and the do sound good. They yield to a male vocalist who trades lines with a female vocalist. That Wurlitzer appears in the left rear with the lead guitar. "Let it Shine" is a mellow tune in an album that's already pretty mellow. It's a little slower paced. "Wish You Were Here", a Pink Floyd tune, Is done a credible service considering who is the originator of this tune. The singer does a good job. The guitar work and general musicianship is good as well. The song ends by trailing off into a simple sound effect. "The Flame Still Burns" is a passionate song, and ""I Sing This Song Forever" features the lead singer with the choir's harmony in the background. Similar to other songs on this disc. "The River Song" features the lead singer up front with the choir in the back speakers. Finishes up with the Bass section of the choir in the back of the room. "Water" and "Ocean" are two songs that already made an appearance on the Kickhunter "Quadraphonic Game" album. So I got out the Kickhunter album and compared the songs. On Water, it's clearly the same lead singer, although I believe it's two different takes, with the one on the Space Rock disc being better and more prominently featuring that wurlitzer. "Ocean" appears to be the same cut as the one on the Kickhunter album. If you have the Kickhunter album, you know what to expect. The Last cut is familiar to any Rolling Stones fan, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" is given an interesting treatment, there are four or five vocalists some male, some female taking turns at the lines in the song. They do a pretty good job, but I still like the Stones version.

I got to looking at some of the names on the printed material, and between the Kickhunter album and the Space Rock album some of the musicians are shared, including the lead singers. These are studio musicians, and they are good at their craft. The information on the Kickhunter disc indicates that they toured as a band, and released other recordings as a band, or as a brand, if you will. There are also musicians that are not shared between the two recordings and the recordings do sound different, except for "Ocean". As usual with Quadro Surround recordings, the quad mix is good, not aggressive, but is discrete. The record quality is top notch, and anyone who likes early seventies\late sixties era rock I suspect will enjoy this quite a bit.
we have usual alsways very well reports about our quadraphonic productions - here or direct to us. But self listening would be some more information. So you may look for listening the very musical "Space Rock" in our web-side www.quadro-surround.de. We have called this production "Space Rock", because the big choir sounds some spatial. After some usual Rock again and for variety well melodies.