Steven Wilson King Crimson in Atmos! ("Larks Tongues" 2CD/2BD set coming in October!)


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Going to upgrade and get this for sure! The following info is very intriguing, as I believe this was also done on Lennon’s Imagine Blu-ray & is amazing!
“While Steven was working on this aspect of the material Alex R. Mundy and David Singleton at DGM were mixing every single take of the original studio sessions. These unreleased early takes are presented not as traditionally blended pieces, but with maximum separation, mimicking the experience of sitting in the studio with the individual elements being performed around you. The “Elemental mixes” apply this same approach to the main album takes. An excitingly fresh view on the familiar, with the focus often falling in unusual places, some originally hidden, some unused. Four of the album’s core tracks feature: extended mixes of Larks’ 1 and Talking Drum along with Easy Money & Larks’ 2.”
Larks is my favorite King Crimson album, so even though I already have the big box (which was one of the most expensive purchases I had made at the time, only to be outdone by other releases every year thereafter, lol) I'm absolutely in for this streamlined but still packed release!

The Shed has Lark’s Tongue in CD/BD for 45 pounds. It also has the vinyl for 31.99 pounds. That’s a total of 76.99 pounds for anyone who wants to go for bloat. 😉
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Ordered from DGM live! The 5.1 mix on the 40th was outstanding. Looking forward to the Atmos mix.
The Shed has Lark’s Tongue in CD/BD for 45 pounds. It also has the vinyl for 31.99 pounds. That’s a total of 76.99 pounds for anyone who wants to go for bloat. 😉
It will be interesting to hear the vinyl as all the elements were in the last the only change would be tonal or individual element level changes.
So I can't see it being vastly different as SW likes to retain closeness to the original mix.
The Atmos mix OTOH is mainly positional ( and could be tonal) so that is the creative difference.
I can't see myself buying the vinyl ( I have both box sets on vinyl ) but will buy the Blu-ray for the Atmos mix...and early next year buy some hardware so I can listen to this and other Atmos mixes !
I’m all in for these. Amazing way to reissue them and FINALLY, someone is taking advantage of the storage space on a blu-ray disc.
I have numerous iterations of LTiA including the 30th & 40th Anniversary releases and I'll likely pick up this "50th" as well since the Wetton/Bruford era is my favorite.

However, I would have preferred a bit of a breather with some of the less popular titles being offered in the meantime such as the announced yet not realized Summers/Fripp material which really hasn't been updated since it's initial release in the early 80's...
Although this is my favorite King Crimson album, I will pass on this as the price is pretty high considering that all I am really only interested in the new 5.1 and ATMOS mix.
It's pretty remarkable that after so many reissues, particularly the massive limited edition box set from a few years back, they can still find or generate enough new material to fill 2 more blu-rays and 2 cds with minimal duplication. Just as remarkable, the elemental mixes and the Atmos mix are providing genuine interest and value. At least this package doesn't include any more live material which was exhaustively mined in the previous box set.

So far, the US Schizoid shop seems to have the best price option for US buyers, but since we're still almost 2 months away from the release date I'm holding off for a bit to see if Amazon or Importcds pick this up.