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Rate the DVD-A/BDA of King Crimson - IN THE WAKE OF POSEIDON

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Mar 2, 2002
Post your thoughts and comments on this 2010 CD/DVD-A release.

The same 2010 5.1 mix (mixed by Steven Wilson) is also available on Blu-Ray in the 2017 box set entitled "Sailors' Tales".



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A top release worth the entry the Surround mix of 'Cat Food' alone., let alone for all the extras.

Its a shame that 'Devils triangle' is an up mix albeit a good upmix, but it pales in comaprison with the rest of the album. I am torn between a 10 for the album as a whole and a lower mark because of the 'Devils triangle' issue which has a noticably different feel to it.

A Few more listens are in order i think.
Whilst first listening-through at very modest volume (wife at home...), my first impression was mainly that the mix tossed this album over from excentric to weird. But once I could crank it up to decent SPL, it started to bloom. Sonically maybe the best one so far in my ears, I find an almost magic three-dimensionality in the first five tracks. And then over to Cat Food, for which I can't really find the rights words for defining the mix but it's definitely in line with the song, so to speak... A true shame indeed that there couldn't be a discrete mix for the Triangle. The upmix is good and I agree on including it to complete the album in surround. So, the best was made out of the situation and I will judge the release as of the discrete mixes. That is, a clear 10.
Just finishing up the first spin, on the bonus tracks now.

I've always been fond of this record and the 5.1 mix is super. as others have said, Cat Food is now a top 5.1 demo track...outstanding mix of a fun song. Also really like the title track. As I expected, Devil's Triangle doesn't quite measure up to the rest of the 5.1 mix but for an upmix it's still pretty damn good. Overall another definite winner for me.
I have to add Kudos for being so honest about the Devils triangle issue, there are * all over the packaging explaining that its an upmix. There are plenty of other DVDAs where this has not been mentioned at all (Silverline) and they ahve been much worse. As Upmixes go its pretty good.
I'm looking forward to receving this and Islands very soon from Amazon.
I'm curious - how loud is the foghorn on Devil's Triangle? I understand that it had to be 'toned down' after the first pressing of the original LP.
Just got this one and Islands today, but as I am working nights this week, I won't be able to give them a surround listen until next week. How is the 2010 stereo mix?
Still learning to appreciate all the songs, but the quality for me is the best so far. Leaning toward a 9, but will listen a few more times first...
I'm easing into it and will experience the 5.1 lossless MLP tracks tomorrow...and then I'll vote. For tonight, the new 24/96 lossless stereo version is outstanding. It's mind-blowingly good on a high-end headphone system.
Aren't the stereo versions just the most recent CD remasters, ported to DVD in 24/96? Or are they remixes?

As Arnold Layne pointed out, on this one - both.
Reason for this is to try & keep as many people as possible happy.
If it had been decided to not do new stereo mixes, given the unprecedented options that digits bring to the party in terms of being able to go back to the pre-dubbed multis,
and given that there are 5.1 mixes being done anyway, that would have been called - rightly - a bad decision.
If it had been decided to leave off the 30th anniversary masters, given that these were touted at the time as "definitive" remasters, that would also have been equally correctly
called a poor decision.
Putting them both on gives everyone the best of both worlds. Those who think the original mixes are sacrosanct are happy, as they have the definitive masters of those mixes.
Equally, those who think it was a great idea to rework these titles into what they perhaps could have been are also happy.
Finally - and more importantly, I think - the fans get everything there is, including the stuff that was originally either left in the locker or cut out completely.

BTW - has anyone A/B'd the DTS & MLP mixes in 5.1 yet? Just curious.....
Another solid release. Loved it. I was *very* pleasantly surprised by the quality of the upmix of Devil's Triangle. In fact, it is so good compared to the aforementioned Silverline releases (and others) that I nearly forgot about it as I was playing it.

It is a good thing the upmix for that one portion of the album was disclosed - that is the right thing to do. However, once this fact has been intellectually processed, the listener should try to forget that and experience the album emotionally engaged. It will be rewarding.
Not ready to vote on this yet, as I'm listening to this for the first time as I type. But one quick observation. I like wide dynamic range as much as anyone, but damn, I can't figure out where to set my volume control for "Pictures of a City"! This sounds good. Oh no, now it's way too loud! Wait, now I can't hear the bass. Whoa, now it's too loud again!

J. D.
a Tenner!!!
In spite of the upmixes, it is a winner!!!
And how could I give it a low score when all of these fellow Quadheads are in the QC committee and Neil is authoring it???
A no brainer...
I had NEVER heard the whole album before(same as with "Islands") and I still have some catching up to do...
Wow...what a CRAZY mix this one is! "Pictures of a City", "Cat Food", and the title track all show off the amazing opportunities 5.1 has provided to this material.
Also, I'm thankful King Crimson gave us plenty of breathing room on this album too, with the various "Peace" tracks and a beautiful "Cadence & Cascade", although I wish Greg Lake would've been the singer on that one. I LOVE the bonus track with his scratch vocal. Came out pretty well if you ask me!
Only downer about this mix is the upmix of "The Devil's Triangle". I can only imagine what a proper 5.1 remix would've done to benefit this "mellotron soup" of a track.
Like all releases in this series, it's worth every penny! :)
Any LP that contains the line, "Don't think I am that rude if I tell you that it's cat food" is OK in my book. Great music, mix, fidelity and extras - 10!